What to expect

We have a schedule with events for each day, but we also have free time every day for you to relax. This may be surprising for newcomers because a lot of folks are used to being busy every day, and some folks expect camp to be non-stop activities. You’re welcome to be busy every day at Shasta Family Camp if you’d like, and you’re also welcome to be completely un-busy the whole time.

A typical day at Shasta Family Camp begins with breakfast followed by a quick team clean-up of the kitchen. We’re not talking about a continental breakfast bar. Our meals are hand-prepared by teams of campers.

13907076_10206952235352225_7523956680204603332_nAfter we clean up from breakfast, we begin morning worship. This begins with songs, ranging from campy camp classics to acoustic rock tunes to familiar hymns, and centering prayer.

Once breakfast has been eaten and worship is over there is typically a short period of free time to continue worshiping on your own, or to prepare for the day.

Lunch is usually at noon. Like breakfast, lunch is also hand-cooked, and campers are expected to help clean up.


After lunch, campers will have opportunities to learn arts, meet guest speakers, and play a casual game of baseball for all ages. Campers will also have free time to roam wherever their hearts desire. There are plenty of trails to hike and easy paths for walking. If you’re looking for a place to cool off, Lake Siskiyou and Castle Lake are only a short drive away. If hiking and swimming aren’t your thing, don’t sweat it, you can cool down in town at one of the cafés, shop, or hang out and do crafts up at the Pavilion.

Dinner is usually ready around 5, and is prepared by whichever church team is assigned to that day. Afterwards, there is one more short period of free time during which you can shower, play games, do a puzzle, or simply enjoy the beautiful mountain we are so blessed to be on.

shasta front campfireWe end the night with campfire, where we sing songs, do skits, and ultimately persuade a musician in the group to perform. Some campfire nights have themes, such as talent/no-talent night.

You can expect that every year is a new adventure! We invite you to come and explore God’s Creation and the Work of the Spirit.