Questions and Answers

Where are the registration forms?

What should I pack?

How do I get to camp?

When can I arrive?

  • You can arrive any time after 3pm on the first day of camp.

When can I leave?

  • Adults may leave any time.
  • Children and youth need permission and accompaniment from their responsible adult or designee
  • Our group must vacate the campsite by 12pm noon on the last day of camp.

Is there childcare?

  • No. Children are welcome, but an adult camper must be responsible

Where can I sleep?

  • If you have a tent or an RV, ​there will be plenty of spaces available to you. If you do not have a tent or an RV, no need to fear, Buckner Lodge​ (fondly known as “The Chalet”) is here! It has room for 30 to sleep in two common rooms (up to 15 campers per room). Do you want to sleep on the bed of your truck? That works too. Whichever one you choose, we’ll see each other soon!

Is there electricity, internet, and cell phone reception?

  • There is some electricity, largely thanks to solar energy, which allows for CPAP machines
  • The campground asks that you do not use products that produce heat, such as hair dryers, radiant heaters, and coffee makers. Please let us know if you need additional blankets.
  • There is no internet, but some cafes and restaurants in town offer wi-fi
  • Some cell phones get reception, some don’t

Does the camp accomodate for food allergies?

  • Yes, but you need to let us know of your needs before camp begins

Is there recreational or fishing equipment?

  • There is recreational equipment, which may including fishing gear, but quality is uncertain

How do I get a cool camp shirt or sweatshirt?

  • Those are only available in-person at the campsite. Don’t be shy about making your own gear with the images on . Let us know if you cannot afford a shirt.

Where can I learn more about camp?

If you have any questions, or you want to receive an email when the registration form is available, please  use this form